How many events can you create as an organizer?

You can create as many events as you’d like with Winning Ticket, including events that run concurrently! Each event has its own Event Code for your guests to use for registration and for you to be able to track.

  • There are 13 steps offered for creating your event. You do not need to complete each step to create your event webpage nor do they need to be completed in sequence. However, these 13 steps offer you a complete and comprehensive event with all of our available services.
  • You can jump from step to step within your event by clicking on that specific step from the left side of your page.
  • After you create an event there is a drop-down menu of actionable sections on the Events List page. You can edit the event information or manage specific aspects of the event.
  • Unless you see the Edit option from a dropdown menu, the image of a slanted pencil with an eraser is the ‘edit’ button. When you click on it you will be taken to the page with your detailed information for that section where you can then change whatever you need.
  • The circle image with an ‘x’ inside allows you to delete whatever section you wish to remove.
  • You can go back one page at a time by clicking on the browser back arrow key
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