Let Winning Ticket help you raise more money and increase patron engagement at your charity event with no out of pocket costs to your foundation.

The demo video displayed here shows how easy it is to create and run a charity event with the Winning Ticket Application. What you’ll find in this video:
  • Create your charity account which will then be validated and approved by our administration team.
  • Connect your bank account information for immediate payouts.
  • Start creating your event by entering basic information, selecting your event venue and date/time, and uploading sponsor images.
  • Set your event access prices and see how much you can raise.
  • Create your amenities for your super tickets, create your virtual gift bag items
  • Select your auction start and end times, upload your auction items. Set reserve prices and bid increments.
  • Choose from one of our many scoring options and game types.
  • Create your custom event website with specialized sponsorship levels.
  • Finally, see for yourself how your event participants will interact with your event through our iOS and Android apps.
Easy to configure, extremely powerful, absolutely free for charities.
See it for yourself:
After you create your event, this is what you’re patrons will experience.
The WinningTicket event management program originally designed as a software for charities to host the perfect golf events to raise money for their foundations. Since then, WinningTicket has optimized our software to suit your corporate golf event needs. From live scoring + GPS, auctions, synchronized chat, to virtual gift bags and live leaderboards, whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.
Ready to create your first group event?